Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Call: LIMA'08: MAGIC AND TECHNOLOGY call for submissions


Open call for projects. Deadline: August 31, 2008

International Project Development Workshop October 10 through 24, 2008 At the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima (Peru)

Organized by Medialab-Prado (The Arts Area - Town Hall of Madrid) and the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation - AECID)

Call for the submission of projects to be developed as part of the Interactivos? Lima'08: Magic and Technology workshop, led by Julian Oliver (New Zealand/Spain), Clara Boj (Spain), Diego Díaz (Spain) and Kiko Mayorga (Peru). At the end of the workshop, projects will be exhibited at the Cultural Center from October 24 through November 6, 2008.

The call is aimed at artists, magicians, engineers, musicians, programmers, designers, architects, hackers, psychologists, or any other person interested in presenting a project on this topic.

Goals: to propose strategies of magic and illusion, in order to harness some of the old and new technological resources to collectively build software pieces and interactive installations which can propose a rethinking of the usual scenario in magic tricks; to broaden the topic through the exploration of the meanings of the magic concept within the local context of Peru; to propose magic and illusion as an approach for experiments on perception and attention, behaviour and social relationships; and to propose a critical viewpoint on the seduction of technology and its application on the spectacle as a tool of persuasion and control.

The proposals will be carried out in multidisciplinary work groups comprised by the author(s) and interested collaborators, with conceptual and technical advice from the teaching staff.

For information, complete call guidelines and submissions:

Open call for collaborators: September 15, 2008.

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