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Call: TRUCK Gallery is seeking project submissions for Oct. 1st deadline

The Main Gallery Space is programmed through an annual call for submissions as well as by curated exhibitions. TRUCK hosts eight exhibitions each year in this space and accepts applications from professional artists only.

TRUCK’s definition of a professional artist is someone who has:
*completed his/her basic training (or the equivalent)
*produced an independent body of work
*received the recognition of his or her peers through public presentation of work in a professional context
*maintained an independent professional practice for at least one year.
Full-time undergraduate students at a school, college or university are not eligible to apply, however this restriction only applies to our main space and students are welcome to apply to our +15 and CAMPER spaces. Graduate students are eligible only if they meet TRUCK Gallery’s definition of a professional artist, and the project for which they are applying is not related to their program of study.

Submission procedure:
Proposals are selected through a peer review process by the TRUCK Programming Committee. The Committee is comprised of board members who have extensive visual, performance, and media art backgrounds. Proposals will be selected based on consideration of the following criteria: artistic merit of the proposed project, fit with TRUCK Gallery’s mandate, feasibility of the proposed budget, and the ability of TRUCK Gallery to provide appropriate space/support for the project.


1. A completed application form (available for download on TRUCK's website (www.truck.ca)

2. Proposal (maximum of 2 pages): Clearly describe the proposed exhibition or project. Provide details about your spatial, and material requirements, including equipment needs. Explain what kind of venue is best suited to your proposed work (gallery, theatre, off-site, public space, etc).

3. Artist Statement (maximum of 1 page): Contextualizes the work submitted within your artistic practice.

4. Curriculum Vitae (maximum of 3 pages): Describe your artistic background (e.g. education, grants, scholarships or awards received, professional status, previous exhibitions or performances, commissions, professional memberships, articles, etc.)

5. Image List

6. Support Material: A CD with 10 to 15 JPEG images and/or DVD for video. All images must be numbered and labeled to match the corresponding image list.

Please Note:

Digital images: Should be in JPEG format, 300 dpi and sized to 1000 pixels maximum on the longest side. File names should correspond to the image list.

Video: Submit only the material that demonstrates your artistic accomplishments related to the proposed project, and please limit each example to five minutes in length.

7. Self-addressed stamped envelope: Due to excessive costs for the gallery, your submission will not be returned without one. Postage must be valid for mailing from within Canada.


* Proposals should be clearly written, typed on 8.5” x 11” paper in black ink with a minimum 12-point font. Do not staple or bind your materials in any way.

* When building your proposal, please keep in mind that each jury member receives and reviews a photocopy of your written materials before they view your visual support material. It is to your advantage to provide written materials that are easily readable after being photocopied.

* Make sure that your name and the title of your project is clearly marked on each part of your submission, including all of your support material(s).

* Please do not send Powerpoint presentations, slides, printed images, or VHS tapes as these will not be reviewed.

* Do not send original works of art.

* Do not submit a website address in lieu of digital files.

* Please ensure images are high quality and large enough to permit viewing

* All digital information submitted as part or in support of your portfolio must be viewable on a Mac OS X

* Due to the large volume of submissions, incomplete proposals or those that exceed the maximum number of requested pages/support material will not be reviewed.

Submissions for the Main Space, +15 Window Project Space, CAMPER, Soapbox and Special Calls must be clearly differentiated.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Programming Committee
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary
Grain Exchange Building
815 – First Street SW (basement)
Calgary AB T2P 1N3


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