Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Call: WRO 09 Expanded City is seeking media art entries


WRO 09 Expanded City
13th Media Art Biennale
20th Anniversary Special Edition

WRO Center for Media Art Foundation announces the international competition WRO 09 Expanded City.

The Competition is aimed at artists, producers, distributors and rights holders who explore novel forms of artistic communication, created within the field of electronic media. The competition encompasses screenings, installations, objects, performances, multimedia concerts, net and interactive projects, etc.

Every entrant may submit up to three works created after 01.01.2007.

Entries can be submitted with the online entry form available at http://wro09.wrocenter.pl/entry/. In order for a work to be registered in the Competition, it has to be posted to the competition office along with a filled-in and signed printout of the form.

The presentation of works chosen in the preselection for the Competition finale will take place during public showings with Jury throughout WRO 09 Biennale.

The deadline for submissions is 15 February 2009.


Opening of the competition and the online entry form

Submission deadline

5 - 10.05.2009
WRO 09 competition and main events

5.05 - 7.06.2009
WRO 09 exhibition, National Museum, Wroc┬Żaw

The Competition Terms & Conditions, and the online entry form are available at http://wro09.wrocenter.pl/entry

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