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Call: Dare-Dare is seeking public art works for their Off-Biennial Project

Call for projects for the DARE-DARE Off-Biennial Project

Submission deadline: January 30, 2009

Off-Biennial date: May 22nd - 31st, 2009

To compliment the upcoming Montreal Biennial with its theme of “Open Source” DARE-DARE has chosen to organize the Off-Biennial Project event. This event will celebrate diverse artistic practices in non-traditional venues through a series of small projects installed or performed throughout a ten-day program.

The mandate of DARE-DARE, Dis/location, a project of urban articulation, is to promote artistic interventions within the urban environment. In July 2008, DARE-DARE launched the third Dis/location site by moving its administrative office into two mobile trailers within Cabot Square (corner Atwater and Ste-Catherine Streets). This busy public park is located in the west-end of downtown Montreal. (For more details on the park the environs and the center check out the DARE-DARE website at

Off-Biennial Project is looking for projects that integrate the surroundings of the Cabot Square, which include non-traditional venues in the neighbouring locations of the Montreal Children's Hospital, AMC Forum, Alexis Nihon Plaza, Atwater Library, Evangel Pentecostal Church, the Inuit Center, YMCA, Dawson College, Westmount Square and/or the DARE-DARE Documentation Centre. The park is also utilized by diverse populations including staff and visitors to the above venues along with the local homeless population that claims the park as their own. These locations, organizations and people could be considered as themes or suggested points of departure for your project.

Projects should be simplified, spontaneous, small: thoughts and ides with an eye to public and commercial spaces and a hunger for locations with potential yet to be tasted. These interests will translate into proposals of all kinds including, but not limited to and even combinations of, relative, time based, public interventions, interactive workshops, performance, manœuvre, web, video, installation, sound, photography, painting, sculpture, poetry, text-based, music, etc. The projects may be of specific or of variable duration or be repeated throughout the program (ten minutes or ten days). Note the program committee will make every effort to liaison with specific venue locations to realize your project.

Your proposal should include the following:
• a brief statement describing your project intention (max 250 words)
• a curriculum vitæ,
• documentation of your work:
o maximum 10 numbered images (max 5 Mg)
o audio/video (VHS/DVD, NTSC, ou Quicktime) (max 5 min.)
• descriptive list of images

Please address your proposal to “Off-Biennial project” and, if desired, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return of your documentation (DARE-DARE does not keep unclaimed dossiers). The center does not accept submissions by email. The center pays CARFAC rates.

DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal offers flexibility and openness and is devoted to research, experimentation, risk and critical inquiry. The artist-run centre supports emerging practices and demonstrates a sustained interest in exploring diversity in modes and contexts of presentation.

Off-Biennial Project
Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal
Casier postal 20 Succursale H
Montreal, QC, H3G 2K5
t: +1.514.878.1088

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